Do you think it is right to eat mushrooms?

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I think it is right to eat mushrooms because after all fungis don’t serve any helpful purposes. So, we might as well use them for eating. Also, when mushrooms are added with different flavours, they taste really differently. Have you had mushrooms in a soup, pizza and pasta. In each of the above cases, the mushrooms taste unique. That is my favorite thing about mushrooms.

I would like to know what you think about mushrooms. So, please write your views as comments for this post.

Already waiting……



Does honking help in traffic jams?

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In the Indian society, we often experience situations in which we are in a traffic jam and most of the other drivers are honking. It is very unpleasant. Does the honking make any difference in the block? Would the whole thing move smoother if drivers honk? I am sure not. Actually, on the contrary, I think that if drivers don’t honk the block would be cleared sooner.

The same way, in our lives, we make a small problem appear a lot bigger by how we interpret it, how we face it and how excited we get about it. Life would be a lot smoother if we learn to face all situations calmly and don’t get easily angry or excited. So, next time when on the road don’t waste your energy honking and worsening other drivers’ moods. And in your life, do only the necessary honking.

What other people think is irrelevant

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What others think about me, what I do or the decisions I make is totally irrelevant in my life story. Unless, I let what the society thinks control my life and happiness, which i should never do. Let me tell you, each and every person on this earth should know this- IT IS YOU WHO CONTROLS YOUR FEELINGS COMPLETELY, IF YOU THINK THAT SOMEONE ELSE’S ACTIONS MAKE YOU HAPPY OR SAD, THEN IT IS BECAUSE YOU ARE LETTING OR MAYBE EVEN WANTING THE ACTIONS TO. BUT, ULTIMATELY YOUR HAPPINESS IS IN YOUR HANDS. YOU HAVE GOT TO ACCEPT IT SOONER OR LATER, BECAUSE IT IS THE TRUTH.

So, don’t let other’s thoughts and actions hurt you. Be independent.


Why am I dancing only inside?

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“Why am I dancing only inside?”

Sarah asked herself.

She often felt like laughing out loud,

but couldn’t muster the courage to do so.


She decided one day

that what others think doesn’t matter.

And thus took an oath

to stop keeping her feelings bottled up.


She started laughing out loud

when happy,

And dancing all around the room

when overjoyed.


What other peole thought or said

didn’t bother her.

She was living life

the way she should be.


Enjoying every moment,

being as carefree as she could.

She often advised others,

who sat and laughed inside alone.


She told them that life was to be enjoyed,

And that no one was to judge.

I make who I am

and you make who you are.


The world shows no boundaries,

no signs to make you cry.

Unless you interpret wrong,

or let them take over your life.



flowers spread beauty, peace & happiness

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What would you prefer

between coffee and chocolates?

This decision will not matter

in the future years, months or dates.


You should spend time thinking

for that decision

that can change your life,

character and precision.


Like career or family?

Being you or reputations?

Money or love?

& Coming up or not to society’s expectations?


APJ Abdul Kalam

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When I read the word genius I was wondering whether to write philosophy or to write about a genius. That’s when I thought of APJ Abdul Kalam, the perfect example of a genius. He was our former president and has contributed plenty to Indian Science. He has done marvels and is a role model to plenty.

Growing up in the small town, Rameshwaram as the son of a fisherman, he has exceeded all limits put up by society and has created a strong foundation for his vision of India. You must read about him some time. He is a source of inspiration for many.

I’d like to give all my due respects to him. This post and daily prompt is at perfect timing as we are currently celebrating World Space Week (Oct 4th to 11th).

Jai Hind!