Gangtok trip

Day 1

Today we drove from Lachung to Gangtok. We stopped in between at 2-3 waterfalls that were really stunning. We took quite a few pictures at the scenic places. We saw BHIMAN waterfalls, SEVEN SISTER waterfalls and NAGA falls. We also stopped and had plenty of snacks. We reached Gangtok around 3:00 p.m., had lunch, chilled till dinner, had dinner, then went off to sleep.


Day 2

Today morning we went on a cable car. It was a little different from the one in Darjeeling. We had to stand in this, but could sit in that. After the ride, we walked to the palace& monastery through a so called ‘shortcut’, which proved to be the longest route one could take. It was a very peaceful place, full of plants. By that time we were all very tired, so we went to M G Marg for a good lunch. The M G Marg there is spotlessly clean. Later, we returned to the home stay. Our plan was to visit the zoo, but unfortunately it was closed.

Day 3

Today morning, we left around 8:15 a.m. after breakfast. First, we went to Rumtek monastery. It was really big!  There, there was a stone structure in which if you threw a coin and it did not fall back your heart is pure(according to our guide). If the above mentioned is the only way to find out if you have a pure heart, then unfortunately I don’t. Inside the monastery, we saw statues of Buddha, manuscripts, pictures of Dalai Lamas and many monks. A short distance from there, we walked to the golden stupa in which there were remains of the previous Dalai Lama. Next, we went to Banchkari  falls, where we had lunch. There, we saw a variety of rope courses. After that, we went to Bhaktang falls and Ghunjang monastery. Before returning to our room, we stopped at Ganeshtok and prayed in the Ganesh mandir.


Day 4

Tsomgo lake

Today morning, we left around 10 a.m. after breakfast. We went to Tsomgo lake. It is a huge beautiful lake. There and many yaks there, and a ropeway is under construction. We could not go to Nathula pass, so we returned. Because of the traffic, we reached only in the evening.


The trip is over, we returned back to Kochi after the above.


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