Lachung trip

Day 1

Today we drove from Darjeeling to Lachung. We stopped at Rangpo for breakfast and to get a permit/stamp. Next, we stopped at Gangtok to change cars. From, Gangtok we drove to Lachung, stopping on the way for lunch. The trip was really long and tiring, so we were relieved when we reached our hotel, Applevalley inn.

Day 2

Today after breakfast we went to zero point, where we played with snow. We even made a snowman! Next we went to Yumthang valley, where there is beautiful clear water. We rented boots to play in the snow and also we could get in the water at Yumthang valley because of that!   On the way back to the hotel, we stopped and inspected a hot spring. After returning, we played for a while, had dinner, then slept.DSC01058.JPG

Day 3

Today we left for Mount Katau after breakfast. It was supposed to be and hour’s drive. We stopped at a pine forest while going and clicked some snaps there. Due to less oxygen and too much snow, the army had blocked the road to Mount Katau. So, we stopped at the gate, talked to the army men, and then returned. We found out that most of the army men were engineers and spoke tamil! On the way back we stopped at a place full of yaks to click pictures. We returned to the hotel for lunch and chilled for the rest of the day.

A small cute bird I spotted

Lachung trip is over, next we drove to Gangtok


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