I was born in Riya aunty’s backyard. My family was a perfect cat family. Our home is a little patch behind our house. It consists of 2 bowls, one for water and one for food, and some hay in a small basket, for us to sleep in. Riya aunty is very caring and always loved us. I have two sisters, Joan and Sophie. Sophie and I are always fighting. When we fight, mom will scratch us. Then we will stop. Mydhili, Riya auntie’s daughter calls Sophie and I the ‘torturing two’ Because of our uncountable fights, but I know that she does not mean it. Sophie and I will scratch you if you come near us. But, Joan was different, she will come and cuddle in your arms. Since the time we three were born, since we were triplets, mom became really weak. Now, all she can do is to sit near the food and occasionally eat a little.

I adore Mydhili, she is so kind to all of us. One day, when mom fainted, we all called out for Mydhili, she came and looked after mom. Soon, mom was fine. Joan is mom’s favourite, since she is the quiet one. One day, we found Joan’s body covered with blood. She was killed by some creature. Mom died after hearing this. At that time, Sophie and I were really sad. Then, Mydhili was very caring and did everything she could to cheer us up. I want to be like Mydhili. She is my role model.

Now, that only Sophie and I are there, we go for walks around the house, discussing various things. Since mom died, we have not fought a single time. Life is very lonely now. For me, only Sophie is left and for her, me. We have to cling on to each other. One day, Sophie felt sick. I called Mydhili. She came and sat with Sophie, so that she would feel better.

Meanwhile, I went for our usual walk, since I had gotten so used to it, I couldn’t bear to sit idle when it was time for the walk. I went slowly, recalling everything that happened from my birth till now- Mom, Joan and most importantly, Sophie. I prayed that nothing would happen to her. If something did, I would be the only one left.

Suddenly, I tripped on something and everything went black. I had no idea where I was. I tried mewing hoping that somebody would hear, but I knew that Mydhili was tending to Sophie and otherwise also couldn’t come to help. Yet, I mewed till most of my energy drained out. No help came. If I was left here, I would die. Then Sophie would be alone. I had little energy left. So I let out the loudest mew that I could.

I heard some noises around me, then a hand appeared and picked me up. It was Mydhili! I was so relieved. I looked at her, thanking her. After we reached back home, I found out how she came. Sophie had just fallen asleep, when Mydhili was about to get up and leave. Suddenly, hearing my last mew, Sophie got up, startled. All her hair stood up. That’s when Mydhili realised that I had not returned. She came searching for me and found me!! I adore her more and more each day. After all, she saved my life!!



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