My Best Friend Forever

She is the kindest person I have seen.

Not to a soul has she been mean.


She is the craziest person on this earth.

And for having fun, no chance of dearth.


She can’t stop talking for even a day.

Any topic you give her, she has something to say.


She’s singing forever.

And no doubt, she’s clever.


You’ll never get bored with her around.

And with her, you are always safe and sound.


The hidden voice of nature inside us

<a href=””>Hidden</a&gt;

There is a hidden voice of nature inside of us. Some of us call it as sixth sense. In fact, it is just a connection with nature that each living organism on this planet has. Our body reacts in different ways when we talk to different people. It is just nature’s way of telling us things. Earlier, when there was no technology, we humans used to rely on this sense a lot more. Now, because of technology and because we rarely use this sense, we think that the sense is disappearing. But in fact it is still there. If we see how our body reacts to each thing we do, we will find this true.

Children are innocent, they know everything.

I recently read a poem by Vailopilly Sreedaramenon. It showed how right innocent children are. The story of the poem is this-

A mother cries when she sees the first mangoes ripen on their mango tree. She cried not tears of joy, but tears of pain and sadness. She cried because, a few months back, when the first flower bunches came on the tree, her 3-year old son plucked a bunch of the flower and came to her. She, frustrated that the first flowers on the tree were plucked, scolded her son saying that he, who was supposed to rush to collect the mangoes once they ripened, was here plucking off the flowers. Her son, who had plucked the flowers in delight became sad and told her that he would not come to collect her ripe mangoes. He had fallen sick and died a few days back, And that was why she was crying.

This tell us that innocent children know everything, even if they don’t know how to express it directly.


Sixth sense

<a href="">Dormant</a>

She had warned everyone that it would erupt.

No one believed her, they all said it was dormant.

She was proved right today morning.

When the volcano destroyed even the tiniest ant.


All those who believed her were safe.

As they left the place with her yesterday.

Those who were unfortunately over-confident,

lost their lives. ‘poor souls’, some would say.


I can’t judge the right or wrong.

It is all belief.

But, in this case,

believing her is relief.


<a href=””>Gate</a&gt;


What is a gate?

Gates can have huge significance, like the India Gate and the Gateway of India.

Those gates have a real huge amount of value, because they remind us of all the soldiers who sacrificed their life and all their comforts to give us, the future, freedom. When I think of these gates I am filled with respect and gratefulness to the soldiers and the freedom fighters.

Jai Hind!