My Best Friend Forever

She is the kindest person I have seen. Not to a soul has she been mean.   She is the craziest person on this earth. And for having fun, no chance of dearth.   She can’t stop talking for even a day. Any topic you give her, she has something to say.   She’s singing…

Children are innocent, they know everything.

I recently read a poem by Vailopilly Sreedaramenon. It showed how right innocent children are. The story of the poem is this- A mother cries when she sees the first mangoes ripen on their mango tree. She cried not tears of joy, but tears of pain and sadness. She cried because, a few months back,…


<a href=””>Gate</a&gt;   What is a gate? Gates can have huge significance, like the India Gate and the Gateway of India. Those gates have a real huge amount of value, because they remind us of all the soldiers who sacrificed their life and all their comforts to give us, the future, freedom. When I think…

Save our Soil!

what can we do for the erosion and fast depletion of soil?


<a href=””>Tailor</a&gt; Plan, stitch and cut. Create clothes of all kinds. Work in a factory, house or hut. She stitches, designs and binds   We all admire the products in awe. And are filled with respect for her job. Our admiration she saw. And smiled, she looked cute with her new bob.  

Elections! (1)

Open elections to see which is the most liked posts on my blog! Each person can vote for upto 3 posts from Voting to be done by commenting to THIS post, not the favoured post. Elections open till July30th. Results will be anounced by August 2nd. Please vote. šŸ˜‰

Happy Anniversary!

I’d like to tell you all that the best gift you can get in your life is great parents, which I was super lucky to get. My parents are the best in the whole wide world. You might have heard this from many people, and the reason is because it is true. My parents are…

Crossing the bridge out of our comfort zone

The importance of stepping out of our comfort zone is immense. If we don’t learn to step out of our comfort zone at a young age, then when we become an adult, we won’t be able to stand on our own feet, without a little struggle. We will end up dependant or will need a…


<a href=””>Dash</a&gt;     Guess where I have seen the most dashes in my life.             I don’t know if you guessed right. The answer is in my school question papers. šŸ˜‰ ________________________________________________________________________________________