My Friend

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She was travelling with me,

from her home to my home to be.

As I was shifting to be close to my university,

she was accompanying me out of curiosity.


She was the kind you’ll never forget,

and like a rabbit’s, her teeth was set.

She’ll stand if you tell her to sit,

and if your word does not match her’s she’d make a fit.


The impression she makes is memorable for all,

she’s very slim but not very tall.

You give her a topic, she can go on forever

she may not sound great, but she’s very clever.


If you love her, she loves you back double

if you trouble her, back comes the trouble.

If you meet her you will like her for sure,

And I am proud to say that this poem is dedicated to her!



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  1. sian says:

    such a lovely poem

    Liked by 1 person

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