Save our Soil!

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In the midst of this quick development the world is undergoing, we often forget the necessity of our natural resources. Soil is one of the resources that are neglected by many, especially those who live in urban areas. Buildings and industries are built over fertile soil, while many farmers have to make do with infertile soil. Does this seem right? What can we do for our environment? What can we do to conserve the soil resources that we have? After all, 1 cm of soil is formed in thousands of years.

  1. Mulching– covering the soil with fibrous substances like hay or coconut fiber.
  2. Terrace farming– growing plants on slopes to help prevent landslides.
  3. Shelter belts– growing trees along the coast to prevent erosion.
  4. Land reclamation– reclaiming land that has gone underwater due to rise in water level.
  5. Rock dams– making small dams with rocks to prevent water from eroding the soil.

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