<a href=””>Believe</a&gt;

Believe in things

which give you hope,

help you life live

without even thinking to mope.


Believe in things

which give you joy,

like maybe a TV show

or a living toy.


Believe in things

that make life better for you,

not just for you

but every other living thing too!


APJ Abdul Kalam

<a href="">Genius</a>

When I read the word genius I was wondering whether to write philosophy or to write about a genius. That’s when I thought of APJ Abdul Kalam, the perfect example of a genius. He was our former president and has contributed plenty to Indian Science. He has done marvels and is a role model to plenty.

Growing up in the small town, Rameshwaram as the son of a fisherman, he has exceeded all limits put up by society and has created a strong foundation for his vision of India. You must read about him some time. He is a source of inspiration for many.

I’d like to give all my due respects to him. This post and daily prompt is at perfect timing as we are currently celebrating World Space Week (Oct 4th to 11th).

Jai Hind!

Don’t curse a honey bee when it stings you

<a href=””>Sting</a&gt;

When a bee stings us, we may feel like cursing it and maybe even killing it. But, do we realise that when a bee stings us, it is losing it’s life. We would eventually get healed and maybe only a mark will be left. But, think of the bee’s consequences, it dies. So, when we get a sting, we shouldn’t take it as a huge problem.

The same way, in life, we may come experience many stings, but we should be capable enough to not let it affect us. Like, in the case of the bee sting, we don’t let it kill us. So, live happily, by smiling each time you get a sting. 😉

Overcoming the hurdles of life

<a href=””>Overcome</a&gt;


When we think of hurdles, why do we think negative? Hurdles are just part of the path to success. Unless we can overcome problems and face life with a smile, we will never ever be happy. Never. So, let us face life with a smile and spread positivism, even during the hardest of times. We should be the source of happiness for the world.

As Dolly Parton said, “To get the rainbow, you have to put up with the rain.”

Is there anything you want to dignify?


<a href=””>Dignify</a&gt;


Is there anything you want to dignify? I don’t want to make things LOOK impressive, I want things to BE impressive. In one way, isn’t that what all of us want? Do we just want looks?

We have all heard not to judge a book by it’s cover. But, how many of us actually get an opportunity to know that look are never put first, except for in modelling. But, in that also, attitude, style and other things do matter also. If we just open our eyes and observe people, how they look & what they do. Then, we will realize that looks are usually secondary. Someone, who helps others need not have a pretty face, all they need is a pure heart.


Please like if you agree with me. I hope you do. 😉

Is it right to do things in a jiffy?

<a href="">Jiffy</a>


Honestly, I don’t know if it is right or wrong to do things in a jiffy. But I can tell you one thing, when we do things in a jiffy, it either goes wrong or we don’t do it wholeheartedly. And, I believe in doing everything with your heart. I hate it when people do things just for the sake of doing it. We can enjoy life and be happy people only when we work with our heart.

So, be happy and work wholeheartedly!


<a href=””>Partner</a&gt;

When I think of partner, the first thing I think of is someone who stands by me and supports me inn everything I do and someone who I am the same to. This makes me think of my friends.

What is a friend to you?

What does it mean to you?

To me it means someone who……………


loves me for who I am,

who would not hesitate to give me a helping hand,

who would never want me to feel bad,

and would do their best to make sure that I am not sad.

Someone whose company I enjoy,

someone who loves giving me joy.


When I think of a friend, I feel really good inside, I think of all the awesome friends I have, and for all those awesome crazy people, I’d like to say-