My Best Friend Forever

She is the kindest person I have seen.

Not to a soul has she been mean.


She is the craziest person on this earth.

And for having fun, no chance of dearth.


She can’t stop talking for even a day.

Any topic you give her, she has something to say.


She’s singing forever.

And no doubt, she’s clever.


You’ll never get bored with her around.

And with her, you are always safe and sound.

My Balsams


<a href=””>Blossom</a>

As the mother Balsam died,

two babies sprouted out.

And although I was sad,

I smiled when they came, no doubt.

From those twins flowers blossomed,

as the sun’s rays spread.

And the smile on my face widened,

the path to happiness, it lead.

Those blossomed were a part of me,

and they will always be.

Even after their death,

they still live inside of me.

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Happy Anniversary!

I’d like to tell you all that the best gift you can get in your life is great parents, which I was super lucky to get. My parents are the best in the whole wide world. You might have heard this from many people, and the reason is because it is true. My parents are just the right combination of everything- love, strictness, rewarding and everything else. Parents are the best teachers. So, today I’d like to thank my parents for being the coolest parents on earth, and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!