My Best Friend Forever

She is the kindest person I have seen. Not to a soul has she been mean.   She is the craziest person on this earth. And for having fun, no chance of dearth.   She can’t stop talking for even a day. Any topic you give her, she has something to say.   She’s singing…

Children are innocent, they know everything.

I recently read a poem by Vailopilly Sreedaramenon. It showed how right innocent children are. The story of the poem is this- A mother cries when she sees the first mangoes ripen on their mango tree. She cried not tears of joy, but tears of pain and sadness. She cried because, a few months back,…


<a href=””>Gate</a&gt;   What is a gate? Gates can have huge significance, like the India Gate and the Gateway of India. Those gates have a real huge amount of value, because they remind us of all the soldiers who sacrificed their life and all their comforts to give us, the future, freedom. When I think…

Save our Soil!

what can we do for the erosion and fast depletion of soil?


<a href=””>Tailor</a&gt; Plan, stitch and cut. Create clothes of all kinds. Work in a factory, house or hut. She/He stitches, designs and binds   We all admire te products in awe. And are filled with respect for his job. Our admiration she/he saw. And smiled, she looked cute with her new bob.